Ice Skating as Competitive Sport Developed in accordance with Indonesia Ice Skating Commission which are under PORSEROSI-KONI, the program offers a systematic training for high-level athletes who aspire to participate in a competitive international competition. Students must enroll in Ice Skating Indonesia Commission, completing 10 levels of existing programs. Students who meet the requirements will be able to have a chance to represent Indonesia in various international competitions. Do not miss this opportunity and begin your journey towards the Winter Olympics.

Ice Skating as Recreational Sport Endorsed, by the Ice Skating Institute of America, our Recreational Programme offers structured yet relaxed training for students at multiple level. They can enjoy the opportunity to participate in ice skating competitions in Asia and America. Students can select from Group, Semi Private and Private courses. Learning ice skating is a fun activities. Come and Xperience of this winter sport.

Type of Ice Skating :

Figure Skating
BX Rink Figure Skating

A perfect combination of art and sport on ice. On a competition skater will skate with music as background, do spins, jumps, lots of amazing gliding moves on the slippery ice. Figure skating has become one of the hardest competitive sport but also a beautiful and enjoyable performance to watch. Skaters compete in individuals,pairs or even group (synchronized skating). Start a lesson today and learn how to glide gracefully in this magnificient winter sport.

Ice Hockey
BX Rink Figure Skating

Ice Hockey is a team sport played on ice in which skaters use sticks to shoot a hard rubber hockey puck into their opponent’s net to score points. This is a fast paced physical sport that need strategy and a good team work to achieve one goal. This is a fun sport that can be played with your friends and expand your social media network. Call your friend and enjoy this Xciting games.

Short Track Speed Skating
BX Rink Figure Skating

This is a faced paced sport, skaters race against each other to the finishing line, jockeying for the position while also maintaining speed and balance. Our Short Track Speed Skating programme offers systematic training for students aged 5 or above. This programme aims to prove the way for Indonesia skaters to become world-class athletes and nurture young local talent to compete in the Winter Olympics. Come and Xperience the speed of racing on ice and feel the breeze on your face.


Silver Coach   
Tipe Of Lesson Time Day Basic HKY 1 - 4 ST 1 - 4 FS 1 - 4 HKY 5 - 7 ST 5 - 7 FS 5 - 7 HKY 8 - 10 ST 8 - 10 FS 8 - 10
Tiket All Day Weekday Rp 65,000
2 Hours Weekend Rp 80,000
Walk In 1 X 30 mnt Weekday Rp 150,000
Weekend Rp 160,000
Joining Fee Rp 150.000
Private 5 x 30 mnt Weekday Rp 650,000 Rp 700,000 Rp 750,000 Rp 800,000
Weekend Rp 700,000 Rp 750,000 Rp 800,000 Rp 850,000
Semi Private 5 x 30 mnt Weekday Rp 375,000 Rp 400,000 Rp 425,000 Rp 450,000
Weekend Rp 400,000 Rp 425,000 Rp 450,000 Rp 475,000
Group 5 x 30 mnt Weekday Rp 220,000 Rp 240,000 Rp 260,000 Rp 280,000
Weekend Rp 240,000 Rp 260,000 Rp 280,000 Rp 300,000

Gold Coach+ 10%

FS :
Freestyle / Figure High Level
ST :
Short Track
Member Credit
5 Rp 275,000
10 Rp 500,000
25 Rp 1,125,000
50 Rp 2,000,000